Njordstorp Permakultur Gård

Gillberga Prästgård Njordstorp
66195 Värmland Nysäter

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are our answers (FAQ) to questions we received earlier. Please read before you send questions via e-mail to us.

We ship with Postnord and follow their prices. Large packages are sent via DHL.

In our farm shop we accept Swish, cards or cash. We online store charge via Swish, Klarna, PayPal and credit cards. You can also pay by bank in certain ways.

We have set up protection in the entire webshop. Also see a lock in the left corner of your browser just before the URL.

Your information is secured and should not be shared with other parties or companies in accordance with the GDPR Act. See also our terms and conditions.

We send various fresh products as speech a transport that takes 2-3 days. Packaging protects it against transport and depending on the goods, we have different methods.

We send fresh goods from Monday to Wednesday to you so that the goods are not hot with the carrier unnecessarily. Do not forget to pick up your goods as soon as possible from your agent.

Different products are seasonal products and when it is out of stock we can not produce more for the next harvest. We do not buy vegetables and fruit but only use what we harvest. And we produce small quantities by hand in various parts, so it may be that there are no more opportunities.

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