Lactic acidification of vegetables

We produce from natural organic vegetables, herbs, beans, mushrooms and fruits natural lactic acid probiotic products such as. sauerkraut, pickles, kimchi.

Our lactic acid products are all unpasteurized or raw as it is called and therefore have a living acid culture with a lot of vitamins left. The milk fermentation process also produces more nutrients and useful substances and everything contributes to more taste.

Almost endless uses have lactic acid products. Only our approximately 15 different varieties already provide quick accessories for most meals and provide a quick compilation of different recipes. We have some recipes on our website.

Morotter med ingefara

Vegetables directly from the garden

We only use vegetables we grow ourselves. Then we know that the quality from the soil to the results will be excellent. All vegetables grow slowly in step with nature without irrigation and large amounts of fertilizer. The vegetables get manure from small animals (rabbits, chickens and ducks) and we are not irrigated because we cover crops in ‘no-dig’ beds.

The lactic acid process

It does not matter if it is kimchi, sauerkraut or something else. The process we use follows nature’s ability to process vegetables. We take the time it needs and taste until it is good!

Then we portion in the known jars (without PVC in the lid) and the contents can not be affected by the material. Everything is stored without energy in the basement which is the key to storing vegetables as well as many storage processes such as different cheeses we make.