Study visit to Njordstorp

We welcome you to visit us. It is fantastic fun to show the farm, the animals and tell about our lifestyle here in the country.

We can show you, for example, how we: grow our vegetables, use our animals in the processes, show our natural construction projects, plan with permaculture, compost and build our soil, hay with scythe, build fences, manage our forest, grow our trees, build our orchard and much more …

Contact us with your wishes and how many of you there are, so we can plan how everything can fit together.

Njordstorp and the name

We at Njordstorp Permakulturgård are self-sufficient, grow organic vegetables, fruit and raise organic rabbits. We moved here in 2011 and have developed the farm with the help of permaculture and with the conversion idea to become an example of a functioning conversion farm in family size.

The farm’s name: Njord (‘power’ or ‘strength’), is one of the customs and the god of the sea, weather, wealth, trade, shipping and fishing in Nordic mythology, father of ten children of whom he had Frey and Freya with his first, unknown wife, who was also his sister. Njord is the son of Natt (mythology) and Nagelfare and the half-brother of Frigg (source: wikipedia).

Cycling at Njordstorp

Discover the area by bike. Click here to go to the website.

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NCU 2017


Cottage with 2 mattresses in the attic, sofa and table.
12V LED light and outdoor toilet.

from SEK 185 / night, possibly sleeping sheets SEK 60 / per change

More information Nature cottage on AirBnB or send email

Natur Stuga Njordstorp Small